• 5 Vital Tips for a Distance Learner

    • September 28, 2018
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    “However easy a task may be, one needs planning and tracking to accomplish it in an efficient manner.”


    A distance learner faces failure sometimes due to responsibilities while other times due to a casual approach towards the course and lack of self-discipline. This article has been written to help such a distance learner plan the studies while performing the daily chores as well.



    Tip # 1: Use the “Ten Minute Theory”


    As a distance learner, it sometimes becomes impossible to follow the same fixed schedule. Everyone tends to fall off the wagon and has to restart at some point. While revisiting some subjects is easy, others do not offer a warm welcome back. The “Ten Minute Theory” helps you get back on track with such subjects. All you need to do is to study for ten minutes. Pick a chapter which you do not like. Find out the easiest of topics from that chapter and give it a reading without getting diverted for ten minutes. Gradually, within two or three days of practicing this theory, you will start developing an interest in that chapter. Maybe you still wouldn’t be 100% comfortable with it but you would no more be an alien to that topic. All you need to give is ten minutes daily to improve your chances of scoring in that subject.


    Tip # 2: Acknowledge the Power of the Internet


    The biggest resource in today’s times is the internet. There is almost nothing that you can’t find on the internet as a distance learner. Distance learning relies heavily on using the internet to your advantage. With the help of Youtube and Google, any distance learner can find relevant reference material regarding any course and any chapter. Imagine not having to waste an hour reading and making notes for a topic instead just look it up on Youtube, go through a couple of videos and save it to your profile. While it will save time, the visual representations will help you understand better and you can use all those videos as revision notes whenever and wherever required.


    Tip # 3: Revise Regularly


    Revising your course is absolutely essential for a distance learner since he/she is not present in a classroom. It doesn’t only help remember the course you have covered till present date but also makes you aware of the topics and/or chapters that you aren’t being able to grasp properly. You can do this by solving previous years question papers. A detailed analysis of solved question papers will help you know which chapters/topics you tend to forget. The revision day would be to assess your status in all the subjects that you have completely prepared and set aside till date. While solving the previous year question papers, make note of your mistakes so that you can work on improving them. By the time your exams will arrive, you would know what mistakes you used to make and how you have eliminated them and improved as a distance learner.


    Tip # 4: Cheat a Chit Technique


    It happens often that even after spending a good amount of time on a topic you still do not grasp it completely and are unsure about it. An efficient practice is to write them down on a piece of paper and carry it all the time. Whenever you find a couple of minutes of free time, give it a read. While having your meal, while you are in the metro, while you are waiting outside someone’s office, anywhere. Instead of being tentative, you would have it on your fingertips. Using such smart tricks will help a distance learner who doesn’t have the liberty of classroom revisions and quizzes.


    Tip # 5: Talk to People Around You


    Being involved in business or job along with studies stresses out distance learners. Sometimes you just feel like giving up and hiding in a corner where no assignments or deadlines or responsibilities can find you. The best way to get out of that place and get back on track is to talk to people around you. These people could be your parents, your siblings, friends or your seniors at work. Look for their advice and opinions on how to solve the problem you are facing. While this would give you a different perspective, these people will also motivate you and constantly keep nudging you towards your education-related goals as well. Learn from others’ experiences and become more mature and prepared as a distance learner.

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