Jaipur National University


The Jaipur National University Distance Education School was established in the year 2008-2009. In September 2009 the University got approval from DEC and the Joint Committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC to start various programs of distance education at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Quality assurance and maintenance have been the motto of the Jaipur National University Distance Education School and it has all along maintained parity with the education offered to regular students in colleges and universities. The students are provided quality study material in Self Learning format and in addition to this, counselling is provided by well educated and experienced academic counsellors at the place near their doorstep.


One of the great advantages of Distance Learning is that it provides a viable and affordable alternative to the conventional mode of education.


Especially for those, who for several socio-economic, family and geographic constraints, could not get an education despite their high motivation and genuine aptitude for studies, and also for those who do not have time for education through conventional mode because of their personal, professional and family obligations.

The Jaipur National University Distance Education School is presently offering the following UG and PG programmes. All these programmes are duly approved by DEC and the Joint-Committee of DEC-UGC-AICTE.



Jaipur National University Disatance Education Courses

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