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    Distance Learning Programs are often misunderstood for many reasons and while a few of them are true, most of them are rumors. For different reasons, distance learning programs have been underestimated for long but not anymore. Through this article, we bust 4 biggest myths about distance learning.


    Myth # 1: Distance learning candidates are not valued as much as the regular program candidates.

    Incorrect! Distance learning programs assure that the student has to work hard to complete all the assignments. These courses require students to go through the study material provided to them and then submit the assignment for various subjects. This makes the student go through the study material while solving the questions in the assignments. All distance program graduates are considered to be purely self-made, hard-working and intelligent. Many top-rated universities like Amity University, Annamalai University and CV Raman University etc.(click to know top universities for distance learning) offer distance education programs for MBA, MCA, BCA, BBA and many other programs(click to know more) which are all top notch and deliver valuable knowledge and skill development to distance learners.


    Myth # 2: Distance learning programs are a cakewalk.

    Nothing good comes easy and so is the case with distance learning. Imagine sitting in a classroom full of your friends along with a teacher who explains everything that is complicated. Now imagine sitting in your room referring to outside text for understanding something complex. Constantly asking questions regarding doubts and complications. Isn’t the latter scenario more demanding? You need to do your work on your own. You need discipline and self-control to utilise your time according to the demand of your course. All this is in no way an easier task than sitting and grabbing knowledge that is being spoon-fed in the regular classroom programs.


    Myth # 3: Distance learning programs are too difficult.

    Again you will also find people ranting about how tough the distance learning is. Of course, no higher education course will be easy. One needs to put in an effort at some stage and at some level. There will be people performing better than you and there will be others who won’t even be up to the mark. The latter section of people has labeled distance learning as an impossibly difficult task. Small qualities like consistency and persistence along with little insights from mentors and teachers will help you achieve wonders through distance education. (click to know about tips for distance learners).


    Myth # 4: Distance learning programs are too expensive


    This statement is almost offensive to all the institutions and teachers involved in distance learning programs. Distance Education was formulated to make education affordable for everyone. After getting enrolled in a distance learning course, the student receives study material prepared carefully by qualified and experienced professors and lecturers. These lecturers teach the regular classroom program students as well. Since the education comes to the student, the charges for mess and hostel are automatically canceled out of the equation. The only math is regarding the tuition fee which also is reduced by the universities on purpose to attract more and more individuals. So all you need to do is decide your distance learning program and a university that offers the same.

    Distance learning is a growing trend and at Distance Education Point(link the home page here) we help you get admission in top universities for distance education programs across various streams.

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Apply for BBA BCA MBA BCOM BA BSC Distance Education Courses. Choose from UGC AICTE and DEB approved Universities.
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