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    • December 11, 2018
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    IGNOU’s December TEE 2018 is here. The time has finally come and you must be ready for war.

    The question, however, is  


    Did you say NO?

    Then you should go through the following TIPS TO SCORE BETTER MARKS IN IGNOU’s December TEE 2018.




    It is not uncommon for a distance learner that the exam schedule is tightly packed. There is not enough time to prep for all the subjects at the last moment. Specially with exam clashes at IGNOU being a common process. In such cases, you must choose your “SUBJECTS OF STRENGTH”. IGNOU conducts examinations every six months so you can easily opt for the tougher subjects during the next term exam. It might not be easy but this is the price to be paid for waking up so late. However, you should only do this for one or two subjects or else you will burden yourself with the same problem again.




    Remember, to score well in December TEE 2018 you don’t need to know 100% of the syllabus. Understand the fact that even if you cover 70% of the course thoroughly you can score above 60% at the least. While if you try to cover the whole syllabus in limited time, you will fall short of deadlines and eventually be left catching your tail. Scoring even 40% from that point would be a humongous task. While choosing which topics to study and which to drop you must analyze IGNOU’s previous years’ question papers. Choose the topics that have not been asked in June TEE 2018 and drop the ones that have been.




    IGNOU provides study material which includes “Self Assessment Questions”(SAQs) and “Terminal Questions” (TQs). Each chapter has several of both the types of questions. Instead of nose-diving into the lengthy details of a chapter, you should try to solve and understand these questions. These questions will help you cover pretty much the complete gist of the chapter without costing too much time. This is a very efficient method to increase coverage of the study material. You can do this for chapters that are lengthy or tough and require ample time to be covered and properly understood.


    Tip #4: DIVIDE AND RULE!


    Assess the syllabus of the nearest exam. Divide the tasks for each day. Set targets and give yourself a short break, a treat of a sort, after accomplishing a set of tasks. This would help you stay fresh and concentrate better on the topic that you are about to start. If there is a three-day gap you can schedule the tasks as :

    Day 1: Cover the most commonly asked questions from the previous years question paper thoroughly.

    Day 2: Solve and study the “Self Assessment Questions and Terminal Questions”

    Day 3: Revise and revisit topics where you are still struggling.

    Day of Exam: Pick up a question paper or assignment that you have not solved previously and solve it.




    No matter how hard one may try, some topics always seem to be beyond the grasp. Do not worry! YouTube is here to help! Just like Google, YouTube also has huge data regarding very complex topics from all streams and courses. Type your topic of concern in the search box and find audiovisual explanations. The thing about using YouTube is that just a 5-10 minute video will help you understand a topic which otherwise would have consumed at least an hour. The video lectures available are impactful and almost sit in your memory and save your time and effort. Using YouTube for learning comes in handy in a time crunch situation. You must have tried youtube for fun so why not use it to prepare for December TEE 2018.


    Use these tips to score better in IGNOU TEE December 2018.

    For more tips and tricks stay tuned with Distance Education Point Blog.

    Read More About IGNOU below:


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