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M.Com distance education is a two-year postgraduate degree program divided into 4 semesters. The course is designed to teach students about the fundamentals of the economy, accounting, finance, trade, and business.

The objective of M.Com distance learning program is to provide the students a better insight of accountancy, economics and business administration.

Scope of M.Com Distance Education Program :


M.Com distance education provides a better understanding of running businesses and understanding market trends. Thus it opens up opportunities for the students to secure well-paying jobs in various sectors both public and private. After completion of M.Com distance education a student can apply for the following job profiles :

Accounts Assistant

Business Analyst

Corporate Analyst


Finance Manager

Financial Analyst

Market Analyst

Marketing Manager

Investment Banker

Securities Manager

Operations Manager

Personal Finance Consultant

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Subjects Of M.Com Distance Education Program

The subjects of M.Com distance education program are divided into three categories :

Compulsory Subjects: about 15 compulsory subjects. The number may vary for different universities.

Elective Subjects: besides the compulsory subjects, a student has to pick a certain number of credits from these subjects.

Optional Group: along with compulsory and elective subjects, the students have to select one out of four optional groups for specialization. The streams of specialization in M.Com distance learning are :

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Marketing
  3. International Marketing
  4. Statistics
Duration 2 YEAR
a recognised
university or college.
COURSE FEE: Rs.14,000
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  • You can pay online through our website

    The first semester of any postgraduate course is designed to revisit the basics of the bachelor’s degree. Remember the tips given below:

    • Revision of previous topics is essential to grasp the topics taught in the first semester. Do this prior to the commencement of the course to avoid lagging behind.
    • Stay Consistent: Unlike a UG course, PG course requires you to be updated with the course content. Stay in touch with the syllabus through regular study.
    • Test and Train: Pick up old question papers and solve them in set time. Analyse your work and improve your mistakes till you become perfect.

    Take out time to dive into details. You need to be in total command of something to be awarded the “Master” title in that stream. Understand this and try to improve every second.


    The penultimate semester is the right time to expand the spectrum of exposure. Try to gain industrial exposure and idolize successful people in your field.


    The last semester is the final step. Plan your actions and work hard to reach a point that defines success. The first steps of the journey to that milestone need to be taken here.


    Learn important socializing skills and inculcate values of politeness and patience. All these will let you command respect in your work space.


    As a career consultancy provider, we at distance education point recommend our distance learners to remember the following during a program:

    • Find time for daily study. Be regular and it will show on your mark sheet.
    • Keep revising old topics from time to time.
    • Always use previous years’ question papers to prepare for exams.
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