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What is BCA Distance Education? 

BCA stands for Bachelor in Computer Application. BCA Distance Education is a three year distance learning course provided by various UGC, DEB and MHRD approved universities. The rapid growth of the IT industry has created a huge demand for qualified IT professionals and thus the BCA distance course is a great prospect for anyone interested in Computers, Softwares, Hardwares, Networking and Designing.

BCA distance education program is a 3 year undergraduate degree course in computer applications. The course is divided into 6 semesters. A distance BCA degree is equivalent to B.E./B.Tech and provides an opportunity for working individuals or 10+2 qualified individuals to pursue study with work. 

Semester Wise Subjects Of BCA Distance Education 

Semester One 
  • Business Communication
  • Principles of Management
  • Programming Principles and Algorithms
  • Computer Fundamental and Office Automation
  • Business Accounting
Semester Two 
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Elements of Statistics
  • ‘C’ Programming
  • File Structure and Database Concepts
  • Cost Accounting
Semester Three 
  • Numerical Methods
  • Data Structure using C
  • Software Engineering
  • Management Accounting
Semester Four 
  • Networking
  • Visual Basic
  • Inventory Management (SAD)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Object Oriented Programming using C++
Semester Five
  • .NET Frameworks
  • Internet Programming and Cyber Law
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Core Java
  • Project work ( VB )
Semester Six 
  • E-Commerce
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Introduction to SysPro And Operating Systems
  • Advance Java
  • Project Work ( Banking & Finance , Cost Analysis ,Financial Analysis ,Payroll , EDP ,ERP etc.)

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Subjects of BCA Distance Education Program

The Subjects of  BCA Distance Education Course are listed below


Computer Basics and PC Software


Computer Basics and PC Software Lab

Problem Solving and Programming

Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming

Discrete Mathematics

C Language Programming Lab

Assembly Language Programming Lab

Specializations in BCA Distance Education


BCA has limited specializations till this date. Listed below are the specializations that one can choose from : 

  • BCA in Computer Graphics
  • BCA in Programming Languages
  • BCA in Database Management
  • BCA in Systems Analysis
  • BCA in Word Processing
  • BCA in Internet Technologies
  • BCA in Accounting Applications
  • BCA in Animation
  • BCA in Music and Video Processing
  • BCA in Personal Information Management

Top Universities for BCA Distance Education

Many UGC, DEB and AICTE Approved Universities provide admissions to BCA Distance Learning Course. Some of the most popular and top ranked universities for BCA Distance Education are listed below: 

Amity University 

Amity University is a known and world reputed institute when it comes to Distance Education. Amity University offers best distance learning courses in various streams which are over 300 in number. The institute is home to some of the best faculty and thus Distance Learning Course from Amity University is considered very valuable. Amity University offers a very well covered Bachelor of Computer Application course that allows specialisation in BCA Distance Education in Database Management and BCA Distance Education in Systems Analysis. 

Annamalai Directorate of Distance Education

Annamalai University Directorate of Distance Education was setup in 1979 with the prime motive of delivering quality education to remote areas. Today, Annamalai DDE offers more than 500 UG & PG Courses through Distance Learning. Among all these, Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) Distance Learning course is quite reputed for the quality of syllabus.

Popular Specializations in BCA Distance Education at Annamalai DDE: BCA Internet Technologies, BCA Animation and BCA in Programming Languages.

Madurai Kamaraj University Distance Education

Madurai Kamaraj School of Open and Continuing Education came into being in 1965 as a result of a bill passed by the assembly of the Tamil Nadu state. It later became the Madurai Kamaraj Distance Education University in 1996. It is a statutory university conjointly funded by the state government of Tamil Nadu and UGC. Madurai Kamaraj Distance Education University offers one of the best reputed Bachelor of Computer Application Distance Education Course.

Further Studies After BCA Distance Education


BCA Distance course in itself is a complete course and can provide various career opportunities. However, many students opt for further studies after BCA to enhance knowledge and build a stronghold on specific topics. There are two main choices in Further Study after BCA distance course: 

Short Term Courses: 

The short-term courses which can be studied by Distance BCA graduates are 







Web Development. 

These courses are perfect for someone who is willing to study and work at the same time. 

Higher Studies/Master’s Degree Courses: 

For students looking to pursue higher studies after BCA Distance Education, following are two best prospects: 

Master of Computer Application(MCA)

Master of Business Administration(MBA)

Career Options After BCA Distance Education


BCA Distance Education program is a very potent degree to have under your belt. Information Technology, an industry which is at a drastic rise in current times, is the prime sector of employment for Bachelors of Computer Application.  BCA Distance graduates are offered attractive jobs which cover profiles like Software Developer, Software Designer, Software Architect for various sectors. Fresher’s salary for BCA Distance Graduates ranges anywhere from 18,000-25,000(rupees per month).

After completing BCA distance education, one can apply to businesses involved in IT and ITES segments both in the private and public sector. 

Many MNCs offer attractive packages to experienced professionals holding a BCA distance degree. This means one can easily get a job in companies like HCL, TCS, WIPRO, InfoSys, Accenture and many more. Besides, one can even work as a freelance Software Developer/Designer/Tester and fare well with provision of quality services.  

Scroll below to checkout the Jobs and respective Salaries in the table below: 

Job Title Average Salary Range 
Software Developer Trainee Rs.17333
Trainee Programmer Rs.17833
Ecommerce Executive Rs.21000
Technical Support Rs.22200
Server Monitoring Rs.18500
Networking Trainee Rs.16500
System Administrator-Computer Rs.20500
Server Administrator Rs.21560
Software Engineer Trainee Rs.19500
Bank Operations Rs. 22250
IT Recruiter Trainee Rs. 18500
Online Marketing Rs. 22000
Search Engine Marketing Rs. 19500
Data Administration Rs. 22000
IT Executive Rs. 21200
Online Sales Admin Rs. 20000
Inventory Management Online Rs. 19600
Backoffice Operations Rs. 17500
Non Voice Process Rs. 16200

Abroad Job Options after BCA

While BCA Course grows in popularity in India, it is also gaining popularity in the foreign markets. Countries like Australia, UK, China, the US and Brazil offer huge number of JObs to BCA distance graduates. Job opportunities outside India are similar to what a BCA distance graduate gets at home. However, the salary is far more lucrative than the Indian Market. Some of the Popular Jobs for BCA Graduates in the Foreign Market are: 

Software Engineer

Software Designer

Systems Engineering

Computer Security

Animation Programmer

Software Architecture

Similar Courses: 

BBA Distance Education  B.Com Distance Education  BSc CS Distance Education BSc IT Distance Education.

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    The first two semesters/first year of any course is the foundation. Fresher students must try to imbibe the following in their habit:

    • Time Management: A very important skill for distance education. It will help working individuals a lot in maintaining balance between work and study.
    • Target Orientation: Keep yourself motivated by setting targets and chasing them. Do not waste a second sitting idle.
    • Test and Train: Pick up old question papers and solve them in set time. Analyse your work and improve your mistakes till you become perfect.

    Keep yourself focused on your targets. Look for internships and industry exposure. This is the time to start working on your Curriculum Vitae.


    Pick your field of interest and something related to your program if possible. This is the ideal time to start preparing for competitive exams.


    In the fifth semester, you must try to gain knowledge about various aspects of the course by asking to work on related subjects at work or by opting for online certificate courses.


    Plan your actions and work hard to reach a point that defines success. The first footsteps of the journey to that milestone need to be taken here.


    As a career consultancy provider, we at distance education point recommend our distance learners to remember the following during a program:

    • Find time for daily study. Be regular and it will show on your marksheet.
    • Keep revising old topics from time to time.
    • Always use previous years’ question papers to prepare for exams.
  • Amity University

    Amity University distance education platform is purely devoted to excellence in online programs, e-learning and to mounting students in various disciplines.

  • Annamalai University

    Annamalai University offers more than two hundred different programmes of study through distance education. It has offered largest number of admissions in Distance Education.

  • Dr. C.V. Raman University

    Dr. C.V. Raman University Distance Education offers a vast range of courses through online learning. It aims to provide a high standard of liberal education to its students.

  • Subharti University

    Subharti University has established the Directorate of Distance Education approved by the DEC to help those who want to pursue higher studies through distance learning.

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