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    • March 18, 2019
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    Distance Education : WHAT?

    The term in itself explains that ‘Distance Education’ is about providing education from a distance. With advance in technology the world of education is going through a major makeover. With the help of internet and smartphones everyone and everything today is online and so is education too. While the regular classroom programs focus more on books and printed material, Distance Learning Programs help learn better as they use audio visual aid for depiction and explanation of concepts. Besides simplifying learning, distance education also helps spread knowledge to individuals of remote areas. Nobody needs to be physically present in the class, instead the class can be anywhere near a free wifi.


    No matter how illustrative the audio/visual study aids be, there still is a need of a teacher or a modern day ‘mentor’ to help the student understand the concepts better. For this purpose, many top rated universities provide distance education programs where the faculty of the university itself compose video lectures which are made available to the distance learners. Many other universities use discussion forums where the students and teachers can interact through questions and answers being posted on the forum.


    Distance Education : WHY?


    Distance learning is growing popular day by day among students and that is purely because of the fact that it is limitless. The biggest challenges that hindered the path of education were:


    • Unavailability of infrastructure in remote areas :


    Most villages and rural areas are not suitable enough to build a college or university because of their remote locations. They are mostly disconnected from a proper road or rail network making it unsuitable for students from different parts to come and study.

    However, distance education makes it possible for the individuals dwelling in such remote areas to access the lectures delivered by esteemed professors in India’s top rated universities through internet surfing. The concept of Distance Learning thus bridges this gap between students and education. Along with the live lectures, distance learners also get the printed textbooks and reference material to understand how to approach the course so as to understand and grasp it better.


    • Costly expense of education :


    Distance education provides the ease of access to the best undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses offered by the top universities and colleges of India from the comfort of your home. In this manner distance learning helps cut down extra charges like hostel fees and mess charges. Also, distance education programs have lesser tuition fee than regular program.


    Certain courses like Distance MBA, Distance BA, Distance B.Com, Distance BCA and Distance BBA help students acquire knowledge and thereby a secure future with good jobs in their respective fields without having to spend tons of currency.


    Distance Learning thus helps avoid the two biggest challenges that stop the spread of education. To know more about advantages of distance education click here.

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